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Just Energy 401(k) Plan
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Welcome to the new
Just Energy 401(k) Plan


We are very pleased to announce that during the next few weeks the Just Energy 401(k) Plan (“Plan”), will transition to the Brinker Capital Retirement Plan Platform. Together with our recordkeeper, Professional Capital Services, LLC ("PCS"), we have designed a retirement plan platform that will improve your retirement plan experience. Bringing you these features involves a lot of behind-the-scenes work. New accounts will be set up, account balances will be reconciled, transferred, and then reconciled again, and allocations will be confirmed. At the end of this conversion, your plan will be ready for web access on and the assets will be custodied at TD Ameritrade Trust Company. Our goal is to make the transition to our platform as seamless as possible. The Plan's "Transition Period" is expected to begin on January 21, 2014 and is expected to end the week of February 21, 2014.



How will I be affected during this Transition Period?

During the “Transition Period,” access to your retirement account must be curtailed. You will be unable to receive a distribution from the Plan. Once the “Transition Period” has ended the week of February 21, 2014, you will have full access to your new account. Please check back often for updates to the timeline of events.


Transfer of Existing Investments

As a result of the transition to the Brinker Capital Retirement Plan Platform, you will need to make your new investment elections prior to the liquidation date. To access you online account please visit the Login page. If you fail to make an investment election prior to the liquidation date, your existing account balance will be invested into the Brinker Moderate Portfolio, per the Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA). Once the “Transition Period” has ended, you will have full access to your account and can make investment changes at any time.


Default Investment Option

The Moderate Portfolio is the Qualified Default Investment (QDIA). Investment Objectives of the default investment: On the whole, you want your portfolio invested in fixed-income securities. Although you can tolerate limited volatility to ensure that your assets will grow, you prefer having this portfolio consisting mainly of fixed-income investments for reasons of stability. Your tolerance for risk is low. For more details, visit the New Investment Options page.


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